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The trick in life is learning how to deal with it.
-- Helen Mirren

Today I may be nothing, but one day I will be something great
-- Lorde

I just post anything that I like, I find funny, or I can relate to. I also want to help anyone who needs it, including anyone considering suicide. It would really make me feel wonderful if I could make someone see the bright side of things, so why don't you drop me a line? I'm waiting! :D ♥

Remember: God has created each and every one of equally, but how we feel and appear all depends on what we think and how we present ourselves. So smile, hold your head up high, refresh your outlook, and go face the day. With enough confidence and love, you could rule the world!

Don't worry if you don't 'fit in', or you aren't 'normal'. Each and every person has their own qualities and quirks ~ that's what makes you special!! And that's what makes you you. Be proud of who you are, and be happy you aren't a 'cookie-cutter' person ;D What fun is it to be exactly the same as everyone around you? You'll be loved much more if you're just yourself. ♥Peace, people!

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